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Who We Are

At Native Maine Produce & Specialty Foods we’re working hard to connect our customers with the freshest, quality produce and specialty products available. We believe in supporting New England’s vibrant and diverse food system by providing locally grown and processed food items alongside some of the world’s best specialty foods sourced from around the globe.

We are a leading New England wholesale food distributor serving businesses in Maine, New Hampshire & Massachusetts.  Focused on exceptional customer service, food safety, food security and the environmental impact of our business, we aren’t just a food distributor, we are your neighbors, we are the Local You Know.

What's Cooking?

Easy Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse Pie

We love using GrandyOats GF Coconola as a pie crust instead of graham crackers. You can chop the nuts small for a crust that comes together or leave them just roughly chopped for added texture.

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Strawberry Crostata

Using Perfect Purees in a home kitchen is like discovering a old kept secret. The immediate thought is to use it for cocktails, but Perfect Purees aren't only for daiquiris. Many dishes start with a puree base. Soups, sauces, sorbets, marinades, glazes could also require

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Cornmeal Biscuit Pot Pie

Cat Morrow owns an operates Legacy Acres Family Farmstead – a historical 1800's farm outside Bangor, ME. She is passionate about unprocessed food, local ingredients and holistic wellness. "I am committed to creating lasting foundations within our communities here in Maine, through slow food education.

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Cottage Pie

The term "cottage pie" actually came nearly 100 years before the "shepherd's pie". Shepherd's pie is made specifically with lamb, while cottage pie usually contains beef.

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