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We are so excited to announce our partnership with a unique local company with a passion for excellence!

At Native Maine Produce & Specialty Foods we’re working hard to connect our customers with the freshest, quality produce and specialty products available. We believe in supporting New England’s vibrant and diverse food system by providing locally grown and processed food items alongside some of the world’s best specialty foods sourced from around the globe. That is why this partnership is the perfect fit.

“Unless you catch your own, there is no better way to sample exquisitely fresh seafood than ordering from Browne Trading.”

-New York Times

Located in the heart of Portland, Maine’s Commercial Fishing District, Browne Trading was established by prominent seafood epicure Rod Browne Mitchell, in 1991. Continuing his family’s long tradition in the seafood trade, Browne Trading is nationally renowned for sourcing pristine quality, fresh seafood.

Browne Trading Company is the premier supplier of fine caviar, fresh fish, shellfish, and smoked seafood to both elite restaurants and home kitchens across the U.S.

Smokehouse On-site

Browne Trading Company is headquartered right here in Portland. This includes an on-site specialty smokehouse where they handcraft their smoked salmon, fish, and select shellfish. Browne Trading’s Smokemaster has taken an age-old food preservation method and turned it into an art form. Innovative ideas and unique flavor combinations result in the most delicate and delicious smoked seafood.

Wild Caught. Fresh. Local. 

Nothing embodies the image or history of Maine like lobster. Maine lobster meat has become famous nationwide and draws thousands of vacationers to Maine every summer. Their wild caught lobster meat includes premium tail, claw, and knuckle meat. It is steamed, hand-picked, and ready to eat! Sweet and succulent, Maine lobster meat is firm and delicious in a host of ways. Try it on salads, in pasta, dipped in hot butter, or classically in a lobster roll.


The Caviar Packing Room at Browne Trading is truly where the magic happens. This is where every type of caviar Browne Trading offers is selected and graded to ensure you only ever receive the finest quality product possible.

Their caviar is handled directly & packed by hand by our Caviar Director, Richard Hall, under the close supervision of our Founder, Owner, & President, Rod Browne Mitchell. With over 70 years in the industry between them, both Richard & Rod are leading world experts on all things caviar.

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