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Kate’s™ Buttermilk, 1 quart


Kate’s rich, creamy buttermilk is pure buttermilk, made the old-fashioned way… from the churns of Kate’s delicious homemade butter. You might be surprised to learn that many buttermilk products sold in dairy cases today are highly processed, made with skimmed milk, cultures, and other thickening agents.

Not Kate’s. This buttermilk is made from fresh cream provided by farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. Kate’s products are made without use any dyes, preservatives or fillers.

The result is Kate’s wholesome and delicious buttermilk, perfect on its own, or use it to enrich your favorite recipes such as pancakes, biscuits or cakes.

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Ingredients: Cultured Buttermilk. Contains active yogurt cultures: L. Bulgaricus & S. Themophilus