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Who does not love a deliciously smoked meat stick? Now add the benefits of no added sodium nitrites, certified humanely raised meats, free from antibiotics and added hormones, free from MSG, artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and the Big 8 Allergens (Milks, Eggs, Gluten, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts & Soy).

At Vermont Smoke & Cure they hand trim and grind all their meats on-site at their Vermont smokehouse. All their products use real spices and ingredients — like garlic, cracked pepper, and mustard seed. They also use ground corn cobs and maple wood shavings to smoke their meat sticks — never using liquid or artificial smoke flavor.

Vermont Smoke & Cure has been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats and meat snacks since 1962. In addition to all the health benefits, Vermont Smoke & Cure® is a certified Vermont Benefit Corporation — they intercorporate their social mission into their business goals by considering the impact of their operations on their employees, customers, community, and the environment. For example, more than 50% of their electricity is solar generated with herein 60 miles of their facility. They also use high efficiency smokers to reduce energy needs by more than 10%!

To sum it up, from responsibly sourced meats and simple ingredients to the finest flavor in every bite of their meat snacks you cannot go wrong!

Contact us through our “feedback” form or “chat” live with us today with questions or inquiries on our Vermont Smoke & Cure products.

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